What are the Showing Instructions on Your Newport Beach Home?

Showing Instructions on Your Newport Beach Home | Explaining Showing Instructions

You have listed your Newport Beach home for sale, and your Realtor® has asked you to fill our an MLS input form. This is information which is mandatory must be completed in order to enter the property into the MLS. It is imperative to be accurate on this form with the data. There are some items on the MLS entry form which are mandatory, and that means you cannot complete entering a property into the MLS without an answer.Newport beach home for sale

One of the items on the MLS entry form is showing instructions. Your Newport Beach Realtor® will discuss this with you. If your Newport Beach property is vacant, your agent may ask you about the use of an electronic lock box. The lock box times can also be set. I personally do not think it is appropriate to be showing a home at 9pm at night, so I generally time them out at 7pm. I still ask that an agent showing the home will “call first” to let me know they are coming.

If the Newport Beach home is owner occupied, then discussions need to be made about the showing. Do you need 24 hours notice? Do you have pets, and if so, you may make arrangements to take them out during the showing. Some buyers are quite frankly afraid of pets (even cats), and ideally you want your own to show in the best light. In the owner occupied scenario, do you prefer the agent be there for all showings? Or do you want owner controlled lock box?

Tenant occupied property is another scenario. If the property is occupied by tenants, it is ideal to bring them into the process and take into consideration it is their home. Ideally, the home is shown by an Realtor®, or if there is going to be a lock box, the tenant may want to have control over the lock box – generally they will leave it by the door on the day of the showing.

If you have any questions about selling your Newport Beach home, please contact me.

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