One Of America’s Best Downtown Portland Oregon According To Forbes

America’s Best Downtown Portland Oregon

Forbes Magazine recently gave the nod to Downtown Portland Oregon as being one of America’s Best Downtowns. I could not agree any more! Downtown Portland is truly a wonderful place.

When it comes to cities, Portland, Ore., is a unique urban playground of high-end culture, green living and DIY arts scenes. But for a taste of Portland’s best, natives point to the city’s downtown area. There’s independent live theater, beautiful parks, the largest independent and used bookstore in the country and some of the best doughnut shops on the Pacific Coast (not to mention a plethora of Portland’s celebrated food trucks). ~~ John Giuffo, Contributor Forbes

Normally, I can’t stand the “lists” of the Best Places to Live, or the Best Places to Retire. There’s typically a 10 top and that makes me wonder what about all the other GREAT PLACES in America to live?

Lifestyles Across America is a great portal for all things best, but I digress.

Portland, Ore.

Although Portland is well known as a city that is friendly to bicyclists, it also has a walkable and attractive downtown that offers a wide variety of cultural options and commercial options. There’s a vibrant and active arts scene, great food on both the high and low ends, the country’s best selection of locally-sourced craft beers, an attractive and popular riverside park, and Powell’s, the largest and one of the best independent bookstores in the country. And while you can, with some effort walk around much of Portland’s relatively small downtowns, its best to mike (sic) like a local and rent a bike – you’ll get around more effectively, see more of the area, and get a little exercise – all good things in the greenest of “America’s 50 Greenest Cities.” ~~ Forbes

America’s Best Downtown Portland OR

Portland, Ore has one of the best Downtowns in America. I know, because I live here and I love Downtown Portland! I’ve always felt Portland’s Downtown was clean, safe, charming, quaint and very reminiscent of some European city centers such as Amsterdam.

Here’s a few topics left off the list of America’s Best Downtowns:

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