Santa Cash Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

Home Sellers - Got Santa Cash to Spend? Have you considered using that holiday money from the big man in red to help you get that home of yours SOLD! Instead of spending your newfound cash on the usual new clothing, appliances, sports gear or the newest technology gadgets, maybe you should splurge on even one of the space-expanding strategies below to help you get that home SOLD.  It might take a bit more of an investment but, you’ll add value to your home, its interior rooms will appear … [Read more...]

So You Want to Sell Your Home?

So You Want to Sell Your Home? First of all we need to determine if you really do want to sell and what is your motivation?  Are you looking to Downsize?  Maybe you have been relocated with your job?  Whatever the reason if you really want to sell your home then we will need to focus on the basics first. De-clutter your home.  You are wanting to move anyway right?  So go ahead and pack up most of those knick-knacks, maybe even take out some furniture.  You need to clear out some of your … [Read more...]

When Should I Begin to Pack to Move?

After I have negotiated a contract on a home, the next question I  am frequently asked by a  Home Seller is: When Should I Start Packing?   The first two weeks of the purchase contract is generally when the buyers home inspection and appraisal are completed.  After that time it is usually full speed ahead with two weeks in underwriting until a clear to close is obtained for the buyer. There is never a guarantee with a buyer’s loan approval until Final loan approval is obtained. If … [Read more...]

What is My Home Worth?

Are you being relocated and need to sell your home?  The first step to consider when selling your home is to establish value.  Here are a few methods to utilize in establishing value: Internet Estimates – one of the first places a home seller will look is on the internet and look at homes values such as Zillow.  Sometimes these internet estimates may not be accurate and take into account specific improvements and specific factors which may seriously affect the value of your … [Read more...]