Please Listen to your Agent When Buying a Los Angeles Home

I know we all want a bargain.  We want to feel we are not overpaying for our purchase.  But, unfortunately, if you are buying a Los Angeles home in our present market, you are almost definitely not going to be getting that bargain. Our duty as Los Angeles real estate agents is to help our clients get what they want – a seller their house sold at no less than market price, and a buyer their dream home at no more than market price.  During the recession sellers were at the wrong end of the … [Read more...]

Gainesville Florida Luxury Home Market

Luxury Home Search For Gainesville Florida There are luxury homes for sale throughout Gainesville Florida and other communities throughout Alachua County.  Here we provide a quick and easy way for you to keep up to date on current luxury properties for sale.  Privately and confidentially you can view luxury homes for sale here without registration to the site.  Please contact me if you need additional information on any of these luxury homes in the Gainesville & Alachua County area or … [Read more...]

One Of America’s Best Downtown Portland Oregon According To Forbes

America's Best Downtown Portland Oregon Forbes Magazine recently gave the nod to Downtown Portland Oregon as being one of America's Best Downtowns. I could not agree any more! Downtown Portland is truly a wonderful place. When it comes to cities, Portland, Ore., is a unique urban playground of high-end culture, green living and DIY arts scenes. But for a taste of Portland’s best, natives point to the city’s downtown area. There’s independent live theater, beautiful parks, the largest … [Read more...]

Santa Cash Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

Home Sellers - Got Santa Cash to Spend? Have you considered using that holiday money from the big man in red to help you get that home of yours SOLD! Instead of spending your newfound cash on the usual new clothing, appliances, sports gear or the newest technology gadgets, maybe you should splurge on even one of the space-expanding strategies below to help you get that home SOLD.  It might take a bit more of an investment but, you’ll add value to your home, its interior rooms will appear … [Read more...]

Establishing Criteria for Your Home Search

What Criteria Are You Looking For in a Home? What criteria is important to you when you are considering purchasing a home?  A home purchase is most likely the single most important transaction that you will have in your lifetime. We recommend that every client to make a needs and wants list, what may be negotiable items. One of the most important factors in the beginning of the home search process is meeting with a Real Estate professional. Your Realtor® will assist you with identifying … [Read more...]

What is My Home Worth?

Are you being relocated and need to sell your home?  The first step to consider when selling your home is to establish value.  Here are a few methods to utilize in establishing value: Internet Estimates – one of the first places a home seller will look is on the internet and look at homes values such as Zillow.  Sometimes these internet estimates may not be accurate and take into account specific improvements and specific factors which may seriously affect the value of your … [Read more...]

Should You Sign a Buyer/Broker Agreement?

Are you considering purchasing a new home?  If you are, and are considering working with a Realtor®, here is an important consideration for you. Many real estate agents, and brokers utilize Buyer/Broker agreements. When you sign this agreement, you are committing yourself to working with that real estate agent. Not all Realtors® utilize buyer/broker agreements, and will work with an agreement that you are working together.  However, the advantages to having a buyer/broker agreement are to ensure … [Read more...]

Defining Luxury Lifestyle Across America

Just what defines luxury in a home?   Most of us would agree that a luxury home is one which is inviting, comfortable, sophisticated, elegant and stylish–simply luxurious.  Size is not the only factor which goes into the luxury home equation; rather it is more about the way the home feels and how enjoyable it is for an individual to live in that space.  Location and appointments are certainly indicators when discussing luxury homes…from the first impression to the interior, one’s thoughts and … [Read more...]

Tips to Finding Your New Home

Looking for a new home in a new town or city  is always a daunting one for sure. For some, it is even their first experience in their destination state.  Relocation clients move for various reasons, either coming to work or go to school, a second home location, retirement, to be located near friends or family or just for a change. As Realtors®, we do everything that we can do to help our clients settle into their great new communities. Here are a few tips to help if you are … [Read more...]