Gainesville Florida Luxury Home Market

Luxury Home Search For Gainesville Florida There are luxury homes for sale throughout Gainesville Florida and other communities throughout Alachua County.  Here we provide a quick and easy way for you to keep up to date on current luxury properties for sale.  Privately and confidentially you can view luxury homes for sale here without registration to the site.  Please contact me if you need additional information on any of these luxury homes in the Gainesville & Alachua County area or … [Read more...]

So You Want to Sell Your Home?

So You Want to Sell Your Home? First of all we need to determine if you really do want to sell and what is your motivation?  Are you looking to Downsize?  Maybe you have been relocated with your job?  Whatever the reason if you really want to sell your home then we will need to focus on the basics first. De-clutter your home.  You are wanting to move anyway right?  So go ahead and pack up most of those knick-knacks, maybe even take out some furniture.  You need to clear out some of your … [Read more...]

Defining Luxury Lifestyle Across America

Just what defines luxury in a home?   Most of us would agree that a luxury home is one which is inviting, comfortable, sophisticated, elegant and stylish–simply luxurious.  Size is not the only factor which goes into the luxury home equation; rather it is more about the way the home feels and how enjoyable it is for an individual to live in that space.  Location and appointments are certainly indicators when discussing luxury homes…from the first impression to the interior, one’s thoughts and … [Read more...]

Luxury Lifestyle – Just What Is Luxury?

Luxury in a home is something that we understand to be craftsmanship, the essential key to luxury. Craftsmanship converts the idea into a product in the third dimension. Luxury is lifestyle, lending to an experience in life, adding to the joy of your day the perfect experience, design or ambience. Luxury is exactly what the customer/client/homeowner wants, as they are the only ones to whom it matters. If you love window shopping for luxury homes online, we have a wide selection from … [Read more...]