Please Listen to your Agent When Buying a Los Angeles Home

I know we all want a bargain.  We want to feel we are not overpaying for our purchase.  But, unfortunately, if you are buying a Los Angeles home in our present market, you are almost definitely not going to be getting that bargain. Our duty as Los Angeles real estate agents is to help our clients get what they want – a seller their house sold at no less than market price, and a buyer their dream home at no more than market price.  During the recession sellers were at the wrong end of the … [Read more...]

Top 5 Los Angeles Zip Codes to Live

According to Trulia’s latest  Metro Movers Report the 5 top Los Angeles zip codes chosen by local Los Angelenos for living are: 91436, 90036, 90066, 90064, and 91604. Where are these desirable zip codes? 91436 covers upscale Encino which lies in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. 159 single family homes were sold over the past year Median price $934,000 49 Active listings Median price $1,000,000 Absorption rate*  - 3.82 months   90036 includes the Fairfax district and … [Read more...]

Are Los Angeles Open Houses a Thing of the Past?

I read a post recently discussing how effective holding open houses is these days.  A few years ago that was the best way for a home buyer to find  Los Angeles homes for sale.   Things have changed, and Los Angeles home buyers  are increasing searching online for listings.  Even if they are using the services of a Los Angeles Realtor®,  they continue to use the internet on their own. When something comes up that interests a buyer they generally want to see that property immediately and … [Read more...]

Can I Buy a Bargain Home in Los Angeles?

Did that catch your eye?  Unfortunately, leaving investors out of the equation, as a Los Angeles home buyer you are probably not going to find that bargain home you are looking for. Why? Because the real bargains often don’t make it to the general market.  They are bought through word-of-mouth or on the courthouse steps.  And, if by some chance a good one slips through, there will be a buying frenzy with multiple offers, making the home no longer a bargain. Also, many of the … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to use an Agent when Buying a Los Angeles Home

How do you go about searching for a Los Angeles home for sale?   If you are like the majority of Los Angeles homebuyers  you start your search online.  After all you can buy almost everything online these days including, believe it or not, supposed stem cells.  But unless you are a doctor would you attempt to buy stem cells online? The same thing goes for such an important transaction as your future home.  Finding a Los Angeles home for sale  is not a simple process, let alone buying one. … [Read more...]

Looking for a New Rental Property, Protect Yourself and Check out Your Landlord

Renting home in Los Angeles, or anywhere for that matter, can be a daunting process and one which could lead the prospective tenant into a scam either because the rental listing is fake or the landlord is shortly going to be foreclosed upon.  A tenant could move in and find out that they are going to be evicted and not get their deposit back.  Even while typing this post, someone called to let me know about a fraudulent Craigslist add for a lease.  is a website that will … [Read more...]

So You Think Size Matters When Applying for a Mortgage?

So You Think SIZE Matters??     Okay … Okay … get your mind outta the gutter!      I’m talking about the SIZE of your mortgage!      Yesterday, I had to explain this important detail to yet another person involved within a mortgage transaction I am working on.  This time, a seller.      Mistakenly, they thought because the amount of dollars being borrowed was a smaller amount, it meant mortgage processing would be simpler, faster.  That not as many “hoops” would have to be jumped … [Read more...]

The First Step in Buying a Home is Talking to a Lender

I was just approached by a potential buyer,  enquiring about a Los Angeles home for sale. My first question to her was whether she had spoken to a lender.  Her answer was no.  I told her that she needed to do that before starting the process of buying a Los Angeles home.  Her answer:  ”I just don’t want to talk to a lender and not find a home. So I figure I could just work backwards.” We do not work backwards when buying a Los Angeles house. We look and work forward.  The very idea of … [Read more...]